No Tantrums

(Non-Alcoholic Cleansers)

Kiwi and Mint Collins

  • Freshly muddled kiwi, mint and lime, topped with soda

Cranberry and Kaffir Lime Punch

  • Kaffir lime leaves, lime wedges and cranberry juice

Lemon Zest and Mint Lemonade

Wasabi Mary

  • Virgin Bloody Mary given life with wasabi

Virgin Mojito

Cucumber Mint Mix

  • Cucumber muddled with mint leaves, black salt, with soda and lemonade

Watermelon Beach

  • Fresh watermelon, mint and lime

Iced Tea

  • lemongrass | Orange | Lemon

Aerated Drinks

Diet Coke

Ginger Ale

Tonic Water

Red Bull

Packaged Juice

Mineral Water

Freshly Squeezed Juices

  • Orange | Pineapple | ABC (Apple | Beetroot | Celery | Carrot)

Digestive Tea(One Pot)

  • Jasmine | Chamomile | Darjeeling Green | Assam