Smoky BBQ Pork Belly Bowl

Skewers of chinese-flavored BBQ pork belly, pak choy, baby corn, and a fried egg, served with fried sticky rice

8 Treasure Bowl

Veg | Chicken in garlic, edamame, and celery served with veggie fried rice. Slightly spicy!
(Veg | Chicken)

Mamagoto Goreng

Nasi goreng-inspired fried rice served with sambal, peanut sauce, chicken satay skewers, and fried egg

Spicy Bangkok Bowl

Similar to pad kra pao; Thai spices and herbs, garlic, chili, served with fried, sticky or jasmine rice
(Veg | Chicken)

Teriyaki Meal in a Bowl

Fried sticky rice with vegetables, winter ginger, spring onions, and garlic (slightly on the sweeter side)
(Veg | Chicken | Lamb)