Cinnamon Whiskey Story

  • Bourbon infused with cinnamon essence, shaken with orange and sugar

Bangkok G&T

  • Frozen gin and tonic, with a hint of kaffir lime

Watermelon Vodka Martini

  • Fresh watermelon with lime juice and a dose of vodka shaken and served cold


  • Guava juice, vodka and lemon juice shaken and served with fresh guava chunks

With love from Mama
(Ginger & Honey)

  • Fresh ginger, dark rum lemon juice and honey, shaken and served with fresh ginger chunks

Classic Margarita

  • Fresh lime blended with a dose of silver tequila, triple sec and served on the rocks

Pomegranate Martini

  • Naturally pressed fresh pomegranate juice mixed with either vodka or gin and shaken with our sweet and sour mix

Your Choice Mocktails into Cocktails