Aunty’s Platter

Hua Hin Highway Rolls (4 pieces), Gyoza (3 pieces), Tofu Satay Skewers (2 pieces), Corn Fitters

chicken Satay (2 pieces), Gyoza (3 pieces), Basil chicken cups (2 pieces) Chicken Spring Roll (4 pieces)

Dumpling Platter

Chive and Pomegranate dumpling, Shiitake Dumpling, Gyoza, Peking Dumpling, Street-Style Spicy Dumping. (2 pieces of each)

Prawn & Enoki Dumpling, Prawn and Celery Dumpling, Pak Choy-Wrapped Lamb, Chicken and Pak Choy Dumpling, Street-Style Spicy Dumpling (2 pieces of each)